Wheelchair Access

Our primary concern is for the Health and Safety of our passengers and drivers. We do have some wheelchair accessible vehicles and we are able to take a booking if your wheelchair can be safely loaded and secured in our vehicles. Every booking is subject to a risk assessment by the driver who arrives to transport the wheelchair passenger. If we are unable to safely complete the pickup our driver will notify the office who will pass on the details of local suppliers who have specialist wheelchair adapted vehicles.

In order to establish if we can safely transport you, please check the statements below:

  • Does your wheelchair have a maximum combined passenger and wheelchair weight of 16stone / 101.60kgs?
  • Does your Wheelchair fit in the footprint of = Length 42inches (1 metre 7cms) Width 25inches (63.5cms)?

If your wheelchair does not fit within the wheelchair dimensions stated above, we can recommend some local suppliers with specifically adapted vehicles that can safely load, secure and transport larger manual and electric wheelchairs.

  • AMK: 01483 751675 – Wheelchair Access serving Hampshire and surrounding area
  • Transmobility: 08000 778797 – Wheelchair Access
  • Rushmoor Dial-a-Ride: 01252 398451 – Wheelchair Access
  • Fleet Link: 01252 398451 – Wheelchair access